Swimming through Treacle

Sometimes life is just a bu**er.

It's been like that most of the summer. First, there was a problem with the buffers. I've printed shed loads, each with a nice 1mm hole down the centre. Suddenly new prints had solid centres. I did lots of redrawing CAD, but I still couldn't get the holes to come out right. After a few weeks of increasing frustration, I realised there had been an update to the slicing software. There was a "default" version with new supports and an older "legacy" version. What was not made clear was that the "default" version thickened faces. Which was great if the output was going to be something relatively large, but for 1mm holes, it was a disaster.

Then, when things looked like they were getting back to normal, the printer broke. It was not just an easy-to-fix-glitch but a full-blown, back-to-the-factory repair job. So I gave up on state-of-the-art US technology and bought a cheap and cheerful Chinese one. I'm still not entirely convinced that it was the right move, and I am still trying to get it to do things I want.

You know how things come in threes? Part of the website software was recently 'updated' and made all of the product pages unreadable. I've spent most of the last week rebuilding the site. As usual, with things like this, I had difficulty remembering how I built the site the first time. So there have been changes in particular with the navigation of the products. I'm not sure it works well for a website with as many products.

The website is now up and running, though there are still quite a few images to uo load. Please have a browse around it. Feedback would be appreciated.



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